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Hi, I’m Bill Hash.  I am a lifelong native of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have been interested in architectural design since I was a teenager. I have an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Drafting Technology with an emphasis on Architecture and Electrical Design from Green River Community College. 

In my thirty-year career in the fire service, I never lost my love for home design. I have maintained my skills throughout and worked on many projects for both new and existing homes. I understand that a house is more than just walls and roof—it’s a refuge, an expression of individuality, and a reflection of personal taste.

With this philosophy, I will embark on a collaborative journey with you, making your aspirations my top priority. I take great pride in creating homes that blend functionality with aesthetics, delivering seamless living spaces that inspire and elevate everyday living. I carefully consider factors such as natural light, spatial flow, and sustainable practices, ensuring that your dream house embodies timeless elegance.

Let me transform your vision into reality, delivering a house that exceeds your expectations and becomes a testament to your unique style and taste.

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There are a few differences. First is the scope of work that is done by each person. Normally an architect also serves as a project manager, which includes such things as: obtaining permits, making sure that any applicable land studies (such as wetland and Geotech) are done, locating/working with a general contractor. Architects are also used on larger projects. A home designer typically designs a home (or other small project) and turns the finished drawings over to the customer. This, of course, affects the price. While an architect may charge up to 20% of the total cost of a project (think $60K on a $300,000 project), a home designer typically charges a fee based on the square footage of a design.

While the short answer is no, the benefit is in the experience and knowledge (i.e., you get what you pay for). A professional knows the building code, what should and should not be in a layout, as well as current design features and standard sizes of rooms. While anyone can purchase design software and create something, in the end, a professional will consider things that in the long run will lead to less hassle and, potentially, less cost.

Although this varies from the authority having jurisdiction (also known as an AHJ), a rule of thumb is anything that is over 200 square feet in size will require a permit.

While this may be an additional charge by other companies, DHD will make the necessary revisions free of charge.

Unless the design follows ‘prescriptive design’ requirements as laid out by the AHJ, it will. A prescriptive design is a design which follows a specific set of requirements for design and structural member sizes. These requirements are often seen in projects such as decks or simple garages.

Typically, no. DHD works with a structural engineering firm as needed, and these costs are in addition to the fee charged by DHD. Upon request, DHD can provide a best guess estimate of what this charge may be.

While it is not necessary, the benefit of having a property already is that a design can take advantage of views, the layout of the property, and potential design requirements of an HOA or other covenants.

Unless money is no object, no. Things like soil make-up, possible wetlands and local design requirements can affect what you are able to have designed and execute.

While this can vary from designer to designer, at DHD we want you to be happy with your design. We will listen to you and work with you to achieve your desired outcome. We will make modifications until you are satisfied with it. There is no additional charge for this.

Yes, there is. A home designer creates construction quality drawings that can be taken to a contractor. Interior designers look at current trends and create a ‘look’ for your space. Typically, they are specialized fields. DHD does not provide this service, although they network with companies that do. Please see our affiliates page for more information.

While not necessary, it is beneficial. Unfortunately dreams sometimes do not match reality. It would be unfortunate to create your dream home, only to have to shelve it because it is out of your price range. If you know roughly what the square footage of your project will be, you can do a web search for the cost per square foot in the area you want to build and multiply it by your desired square footage. Please remember that this does not include the cost of property or needed site improvements.

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